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Land of Lights Festival

Land of Lights Festival.jpg

Land of Lights Festival
The A World UK CIC 
Autism Friendly Take Over Event

Friday 2nd February 2024


*Arrival times will be stagnated between 4:30pm and 5:15pm to reduce queuing times upon entrance. 

Tickets: £5 Per Person (including infants and carers)

Eligibility: one member of your group must have an autism diagnosis or be on the pathway for an autism assessment, you must also reside within in the north of England

We ask that you ONLY purchase tickets for immediate family, i.e. parents/carer's and siblings, to ensure more families can benefit from this event. 

Tickets should only be purchased directly through The A World UK CIC. 

What to expect on the day?

  • Discover gigantic lanterns across 12 magical dream worlds which will be bursting with colour, energy, and illumination. You will be inspired by animal kingdoms, mega monuments, and seasonal celebrations.

  • Special Jurassic zone which will feature ‘living dinosaurs'

  • Stunning light installations throughout the festival

  • Street food stalls and Licensed bar

  • Please be aware all theme park rides and attractions will not be in operation for the event. 

How long can I expect the experience to last?

  • This will largely depend upon your own walking pace. You may choose to spend time observing additional entertainments along the route, or to enjoy some seasonal drinks and snacks.
    You can typically expect to spend approximately 90 minutes leisurely strolling the 1 mile trail, immersing amidst the atmosphere and snapping those insta-worthy selfies.  

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