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Upcoming Events

We have a variety of "take-over" events planned for the whole family to enjoy throughout the year.

Keep checking our website and social media pages for further information regarding upcoming events.


Funded Holidays

We are excited to offer families and individuals with an Autism diagnosis, a fully funded* caravan holiday.

We believe that taking the time to step away from everyday life, SHOULD be and WILL be an option as holidays can have a positive effect for the entire family.  

Research has proven that holidays are beneficial to humans for both physical and mental health purpose. Unfortunately, for some families whom child/young person is autistic holidays are not always feasible for many reasons.

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Therapeutic Horse Riding

We have teamed up with ​Foxfield's Therapeutic Horse Riding Centre to offer funded Equine-Assisted Therapy sessions for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Working with horses can improve social, cognitive and physical skills, as well as being an enjoyable activity for all ages.


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