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The Story of The A World UK

In 2019, in the heart of Salford, a vision was born – a vision that would change the lives of countless individuals and families touched by autism. This vision was The A World UK, a non-profit organisation established by three passionate Managing Directors, each with a deeply personal connection to autism.


These visionary leaders have first-hand experience of autism, having seen the challenges faced by autistic individuals and their families, and they were determined to make a difference. Drawing from their personal experience as well as their professional experiences of working both the third sector and the corporate industry, The A World UK was founded with a clear mission: to create a safe, non-judgmental community where autistic individuals and their families could find understanding and support.

At its core, The A World UK aimed to provide opportunities that were often out of reach for many in the autistic community. Their journey began with a partnership with Little Legends, where they offered weekly football sessions tailored to the needs of autistic individuals. This marked the first step in their mission to break down barriers and provide unique experiences.


A significant milestone was reached when The A World UK established a partnership with Foxfield's Therapeutic Horse-Riding Centre, enabling them to offer funded therapeutic horse-riding sessions. This partnership provided a therapeutic outlet for autistic individuals, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

As the years passed, The A World UK continued to grow, fulfilling their mission one step at a time. They acquired two caravans in Blackpool, providing families with funded holidays, a chance to create cherished memories, and a temporary escape from the challenges of everyday life.


But the journey didn't stop there. The A World UK expanded its reach and impact by exclusively hiring popular UK attractions, such as Gulliver's World Theme Park, Eureka!, and Chester Zoo. These collaborations allowed autistic individuals and families to enjoy memorable days out that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

The A World UK's journey from its inception in 2019 has been nothing short of remarkable. It has achieved numerous milestones, including the establishment of over 20 community stores and the development of partnerships with some of the top UK attractions. However, the most profound measure of their success lies in the smiles and joy they bring to the faces of those who attend their events.


Looking back on their journey, the three Managing Directors could not have imagined the rapid growth and profound impact that The A World UK would achieve. Their dedication, passion, and commitment to creating a supportive community for autistic individuals and their families have transformed countless lives. As they continue their mission, The A World UK remains a beacon of hope, understanding, and opportunity for the autistic community.

Since establishing in 2019, The A World UK has been able to offer a variety of support to over 15,000 people through autism friendly takeover events to funded holidays, to learn more visit our gallery

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