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BeWILDerwood - Cheshire


BeWILDerwood - Cheshire
The A World UK CIC 
Autism Friendly Take Over Event

Sat. 8th June 2024


Tickets: £10 Per Person (including infants and carers)

Eligibility: one member of your group must have an autism diagnosis or be on the pathway for an autism assessment. and also live in the north of England

We ask that you ONLY purchase tickets for immediate family, i.e. parents/carer's and siblings, to ensure more families can benefit from this event. 

Tickets should only be purchased directly through The A World UK CIC. 

What to expect on the day?

The park will have a lower capacity of people in comparison to on a regular public accessible day. This will ensure that queing times are reduced significantly.


From whooshing down the slippery slopes, watching magical tales on the storytelling stage to climbing and scrambling to the top of the treetop tangles. The adventure park will be fun for the whole family. 

Explore the activities, maps and photos via the following link: Explore BeWILDerwood | BeWILDerwood

All activities are included once you whizz through the gate. BeWILDerwood is little and big person friendly and we encourage everyone to clamber and climb and join in the fun. 

  • Free Parking

  • Food outlets will be open to purchase food and drink (we recommend bringing your own food to avoid queuing)

  • Lots of seating areas around the park to rest and eat

Visit BeWILDerwood - Cheshire website to find out more information regarding facilities and more:

BeWILDerwood - The Curious Treehouse Adventure

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