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FAQ - Midlands

What areas in the Midlands does The A World UK cover?

Our support is available to residents across the entire Midlands region.

How can I access support from The A World UK?

Whether you're looking to request tickets for an upcoming event or explore membership options, all available support can be accessed online. Simply visit our website and follow the user-friendly prompts to request tickets or join our membership.

What types of support does The A World UK provide?

Our support includes organising autism-friendly takeover days at some of the top attractions across the UK, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

In addition, we take pride in offering funded holidays to individuals and families within the comfort of our caravans situated in Blackpool.

Are there specific eligibility criteria for individuals in the Midlands to receive support from The A World UK?

The A World UK has specific eligibility criteria tailored to different aspects of our support. For our Autism Friendly Takeover events, individuals must be residents of the Midlands and either have an autism diagnosis or be on the pathway. More detailed information about eligibility criteria for these events can be found on our FAQ Events page.


For our membership, applicants must be residents within one of the council boroughs where we operate a community store. For instance, residents of Mansfield are eligible to apply for membership. Additionally, individuals applying for membership must have an autism diagnosis. You can find comprehensive details about the eligibility criteria for membership on our FAQ Membership page.

Are there any upcoming events?

We have an exciting line-up of events planned for 2024. To stay updated on all our upcoming events, visit our upcoming events page.

How can I make a donation to support The A World UK?

Thank you for considering supporting The A World UK! There are two ways you can contribute to our non-profit organisation:​



If you're interested in actively participating in fundraising activities, you can organize events, campaigns, or initiatives to raise funds for The A World UK. Feel free to reach out to our team for guidance or to share your fundraising ideas.


Donating Pre-loved Items:

Another impactful way to support us is by donating your pre-loved items to your local community store affiliated with The A World UK. Your generous donations contribute directly to our initiatives. Please check our website or contact your nearest community store for more information on accepted items and drop-off locations.


​It's important to note that, at this moment, we do not offer a collection service for donations within the Midlands. However, our community stores do accept walk-in donations, we greatly appreciate your willingness to contribute, and we encourage you to explore these options to make a positive impact in your community.

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