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At The A World UK, we have dedicated ourselves to creating unforgettable moments for autistic individuals and their families. Whether it's our enjoying a break on one of our funded holidays, or getting to experience one of our autism-friendly "take-over" events.

As we open the pages of our testimonial collection, you will hear the voices of real people who have been supported by The A World UK. Each story is a testament to the magic that unfolds when passion, purpose, and people come together.



The A World you absolutely smashed it my son usually doesn't do rides because of how busy the parks usually are or the que times but today he actually went on rides, he comfortably walked around happy and smiling, he was so happy and its made us the most emotional parents because finally he managed to break his fear.

We are staying over, and wow, Gulliver's have pulled it out of the bag. The staff are amazing and made Mason feel comfortable, and we also have spoken to some amazing families. We are forever grateful we can not wait to make more memories.

- Kirsty

Funded Holidays


Gabriel, who is our autistic son, lost his sight and went blind. We had been constantly in and out of hospital prior to going away. If ever there was a time we needed a few days away as a family, it was this week. The consultant was on annual leave this week, so the timing was perfect for us to go away without worrying about being called back to hospital.

Despite losing his sight, Gabriel had the most wonderful time and didn’t want to come home. Thank you so much for enabling us to have this week away together at the time in our lives when we needed it most.

- Michelle


Diggerland - 11th May 2024- No Logo-30.jpg

The A World have given our family the opportunity to access facilities and events that we wouldn't have been able to without their dedication to supporting the autistic community.


The A world allow us to feel included and attend their events in a non judgemental, inclusive environment, with families that understand. My son loves The A World events and in the past few years we have attended Gulliver's World, Blackpool tram rides, a caravan holiday and the opportunity to attend equine assisted therapy sessions.

Thank you The A World, we look forward to more events in the future!

- Deborah

If you're eager to immerse yourself in even more heartfelt stories from the incredible individuals and families we've had the privilege to support, please visit our official Trust Pilot page at

There, you'll discover a collection of shared experiences that illuminate the extraordinary mission that The A World UK is on to support the autistic community.

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