Our volunteers are an integral part of The A World UK, they help us to support the autistic community by assisting our staff members with the day to day running of our community stores. 

Thinking of joining out team? Whether you are able to spare a few hours or a few days each week we are extremely grateful for the additional help you would provide.


Volunteering at The A World allows you to choose when, where and for how long you want to volunteer for.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Volunteer Shop Assistant:

  • Working with staff and other volunteers to sort, hang, ticket, and size donated stock for sale in the store.

  • To assist in daily tasks including cleaning, tidying, and mopping.

  • To assist and serve customers, providing a good level of customer service.

  • To assist with processing donated stock, including sorting, pricing, and hanging of donated items. 

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Volunteer in one of our Community Stores Now!

Volunteering can have a positive impact on both yourself and the local community.

Here are some of the ways you can benefit through volunteering: 

  • Increase your social skills, allowing you to build relationships with both members of The A World and fellow volunteers.

  • Gain valuable work experience by learning new skills, as well as developing any previous skills you may have, training will be provided in store. 

  • Can improve your mental health by reducing stress levels, reduces feelings of isolation, can help build confidence skills, and many more. 

  • Helps keep you physically active.

  • Research has shown that endorphins within the body increase when participating in volunteering activities.   

What Our Volunteers Say...

Nikkita, Volunteer

"I receive support and understanding from the staff. I learn new skills and enjoy the regular customers who come in to the store."

"I enjoy volunteering at The A World UK as it's a relaxed atmosphere, as I have been recently diagnosed autistic, it is a cause close to my own heart, and I get a lot of personal satisfaction, being there for other's in this role."

"I wished to gain experience and develop my work skills. I like volunteering at The A World UK as I feel like I help people and make them happy by being as helpful as I can."

Keith, Volunteer

Rachael, Volunteer


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