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Meet Our Volunteers

With numerous community stores across the North of England we have volunteers from all walks of life who are helping The A World UK to provide support to the autistic community. 

We thought you may like to meet some, and to hear why they volunteered. 


"I receive support and understanding from the staff. I learn new skills and enjoy the regular customers who come in to the store."

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"I enjoy volunteering at The A World UK as it's a relaxed atmosphere, as I have been recently diagnosed autistic, it is a cause close to my own heart, and I get a lot of personal satisfaction, being there for other's in this role."


"I wished to gain experience and develop my work skills. I like volunteering at The A World UK as I feel like I help people and make them happy by being as helpful as I can."

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Did you know...

15% of The A World UK employees originally joined The A World UK as volunteers.

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