Gulliver's World - Warrington


This event is SOLD OUT please do not ask to add any more guests to your party.

We are super excited for this event, and we hope you are too.

What to expect?

On the day, the theme park will have a much lower capacity of people in the park. This will hopefully reduce any issues regarding queueing, any queueing that may occur will be very minimal, if at all.

Due to this the ride access passes will not be in use.

We have arranged for live shows to be on in the theatre.

You will have photograph opportunities with Gully and Mascot.

You are more than welcome to bring your own food into the park, or you can purchase food from Gulliver's facilities. There are many areas around the park for you to be able to sit down, have a rest and eat.

Visit Gulliver's World - Warrington website to find out more information in regard to rides, facilities etc.

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