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FAQ - North England

How will the expansion of The A World UK to the Midlands affect the support we currently receive in the North?

We understand that many individuals are concerned about the impact of our expansion to the Midlands. Rest assured, our commitment to supporting the North of England remains steadfast. We are continuously expanding our community stores, the expansion to Mansfield will allow us to generate additional resources through the new community store, which will ultimately benefit all supported areas. We are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of our support in the North while extending our reach to create a more inclusive and supportive network overall. 

Can we still access tickets for events?

Absolutely! Thanks to our expansion, we've forged partnerships with renowned companies like Gulliver’s World, Eureka!, Diggerland, and BeWILDerwood, each with multiple locations. This means if need be it is possible that we'll be able to host a wider range of events in various places, ensuring that our support reaches even more individuals and families within the autistic community across the North of England and the Midlands. So, there are more opportunities than ever to join us for fantastic events.

Will events be exclusively for members?

Not at all! We take pride in ensuring that our events are inclusive and open to everyone. Membership provides the benefit of early access to ticket requests and eligibility for funded services like holidays, but all our events welcome both members and non-members alike.

Can individuals residing outside of the North and the Midlands attend events?

Currently, our events are primarily focused on the areas we currently support. However, we're excited to share that we've expanded our reach to the Midlands, thanks to the establishment of a community store in Mansfield. This enables us to raise funds and broaden our support network. As part of our ongoing growth, we are actively opening new community stores in different locations. Our goal is to continue expanding and reaching even more areas in the future, allowing us to offer support to a wider community.

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