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1. What are the rules for entering the giveaway?


   - Leave a review on our official Trustpilot page describing how we've assisted your family.

   - Reside within the north of England or Midlands.

   - Have at least one family member with either an autism diagnosis or pathway referral letter, with proof required for the winner.


2. When is the closing date?


   - Reviews between Saturday 11th May and 6pm on Saturday 18th May 2024 will qualify for entry.


3. How will the winner be chosen?


   - The winner will be randomly selected.


4. What if the winner does not come forward or provide proof?


   - Another winner will be randomly chosen.


5. How will we know who the winner was?


   - The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Saturday 18th May at 8pm, followed by a request for them to contact us.


6. Can I purchase additional tickets if my family size exceeds 2 adults and 4 children?


   - Additional tickets may be requested for immediate family members, but please be considerate.


7. Can I resell these tickets?


   - No, resale is not allowed. Violators will be banned from future The A World UK events.


8. Can I upgrade to a stay and play package?


   - Yes, you can upgrade by paying the difference. Our bookings team will assist if you're the lucky winner.


9. What is Gulliver’s, we have never been?


   - Please visit our Gulliver’s FAQ page and utilise our social story for guidance.


10. What proof do you accept for eligibility?


   - Diagnosis documents, referral letters, appointment letters, and doctor's letters indicating an autism diagnosis or EHCPs.


11. What proof do you NOT accept?


   - DWP letters, NHS app screenshots, Blue Badges, and Cinema/Access cards.

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