EHCP Workshop

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EHCP Workshop via Zoom

13th December - 7pm - 9pm

The workshop will be delivered by 


Sunshine Support

Tickets - £5

Our EHCP workshop will be delivered by Sunshine Support via zoom.

The workshop will be focusing on Educational Health Care Plans, and will be covering a variety of topics:

  • What is an EHCP?

  • Who qualifies for an EHCP and what is the "legal test"?

  • What is the difference between local policy and the law?

  • How to apply for an EHCP

  • What evidence is required for an EHC needs assessment application?

  • What assessments can be requested?

  • What assessments should be provided?

  • What if my child is out of school?

  • How to appeal a "refusal to assess" or a "refusal to issue"?

  • How should the EHCP be worded to ensure it is effective?

  • How to appeal the content.


Attendees will be able to ask questions throughout the zoom workshop.

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